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Hey there!


As a photographer, I believe in capturing the essence of individuality through images.


My name is Marsha, and I'm passionate about visual storytelling. Words often fail me, but photos have a way of revealing personalities in their truest form.


That's what I strive to do with every session - showcase what makes you, YOU. No trends, just timeless portraits that truly reflect your personality and style. Let's create something unique together.

Random Info

Let's get to know one another! Since we'll be spending some time together, here's a little insight into who I am:


-Schitts Creek is one of my favorite shows (it pretty much sums up my sense of humor).

-My family and I love to travel, but you do not want to be next to me on a plane. I'm a huge wimp.


-I have a bit of an obsession with tattoos and currently have six and counting.


-Cozying up with my family for movie nights is a favorite way to unwind.


-Being an introvert, I value deep, meaningful connections.

-Above all, I believe in embracing and being true to oneself, unapologetically.


Client Love


Marsha is very professional yet still creates a very relaxed atmosphere where clients can be themselves. You can tell she enjoys what she is doing and genuinely wants to capture a beautiful photo. - Samantha 

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