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Batesville, IN

Phone: 812-560-2074

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What is Joli Boudoir Photography?

I’m wildly passionate about women’s empowerment and that's exactly what Joli Boudoir Photography is!  Whether you initially thought about doing a boudoir session as a wedding present for your spouse to be, for an anniversary, birthday, holiday or just as a fun gift, it is above all about empowering you.  These sessions and therefore these photos are meant to empower you by increasing your self-esteem while having fun!

Why Two Businesses?

I separated Joli Boudoir Photography from Marsha Combs Photography (MCP) as Marsha Combs Photography focuses on Families, Seniors, and Weddings.  The content of Joli Boudoir Photography is solely focused on women's empowerment and improving every woman's self-esteem.

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